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Experience Effortless Meditation
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To help you have a deeper meditation experience, Zenflo combination of mindfulness training and floating technology to explore a way to improve the self-promotion of the urban population.
First-time Experience RMB 680
This is a sixty minutes deep relaxation program. During your float, we will have guided meditation with music to help you better integrated with the floating environment, into a deeper relaxing state of your body and mind.
Membership private customization
The purpose of floating eight times is to ensure that we can anchor the experience inside yourself so you can truely obtain the experience and maintain the state in your daily life. You will experience more openness, inner peace and clear consciousness.
21-Day Mindfulness Program(4 floats) RMB 1688
We combine daily guided meditations involving Heart-Rate Variability feedback which support the insights gained from flotation. We also provide you with bio-hacking devices to help you better realize your potential. This potential ranges from self-regulating neuropathways (brainwave feedback) to physiology (which include posture and breathing). This program stimulates the deeper potential that’s inside all of us.
mindfulness floating journey Flotation process
Experience Effortless Meditation
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    Pre-float guidance

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    Put in earplugs

  • 5

    Get in the float tank

  • 6

    Forty-five minutes of deep relaxation

  • 7

    Rinse and dress up

  • 8

    Enjoy the rest of the day

Address:11 Fengfu Hutong Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Phone:+86 153 1306 5177 \ +(010)6528 6833

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Experience Effortless Meditation
Floating water quality the three guarantee of German quality

Zenpod: Zenflo floating pods have been designed to induce maximum relaxation, unparalleled hygiene, and safety, all of which are essential to our guests’ satisfaction.

Water quality: we introduced the latest German technology research and development of the filter system, each user after the use of floating cabin, the system will filter the floating liquid, three procedures, to ensure the cleanliness of the floating cabin.

5 micron impurity filtration > UV / ozone disinfection > hydrogen peroxide disinfection
Expert guidance quality assurance

Before float session: We will give you some tips about mindfulness floating.

Mindfulness float: we will provide you with professional mindfulness training audio.

After floating: carry out one to one in-depth interviews, deepen the floating experience.

We strive to help every user achieve life change through the theory and method of professional mindfulness training.
Himalaya salt room sitting meditation experience upgrading

Our salt chamber is built from rare white, pink and rose colored rock salt buried in the eastern part of Himalaya, Pakistan.Among them, a large number of important minerals can release negative ions into the air, which is conducive to enhancing human health and relieving respiratory diseases.We have created a clean in here, where dust-free, odorless air, without haze. The real realization of the gift of nature can also be felt indoors.

Floating therapy is suitable for anyone
Start your mindfulness floating journey

ZenFlo is a research-based mindfulness center with neuroscience and bio-hacking technologies that can help navigate one’s personal sense of well being in the midst of the challenges of our modern society.

  • +86 153 1306 5177
  • +(010)6528 6833
  • 11 Fengfu Hutong Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

  • Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 10pm

Start your mindfulness floating journey