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21-Day Mindfulness Journey Experience Meditation
Experience Effortless Meditation
What is mindfulness floating?

Floating in a tank resembles the floating in a womb. Our mixture of pure water and magnesium sulfate salt simulate the waters of the Dead Sea to allow you to float with no feelings of gravity. With a 34.8°C skin temperature liquid, you and your surroundings merge as if floating in space.
By unconsciously indulging yourself in the depths of relaxation, you can experience the re-awakening of a better self. Through this practice, you can expect a variety of benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

Mindfulness floating experience

ZenFlo Mindfulness Float is more than just a float. It is different from session to session, guiding you deeper and further by progressive instruction and helping you to learn mindfulness and meditation, thus enhancing your awareness. During these 21 days, we provide 4 flotation sessions for the purpose of prompting you to explore your inner self and consolidate your mindfulness foundation.
For further reinforcement, we provide 21 meditation practice tasks through this program, leading you to know more about your inner self in a step-by-step manner. Additionally, cutting-edge neuroscience devices help quantify your internal state and track your improvement progress, which allow you access to a clear understanding of your mindfulness journey.

21-Day Mindfulness Journey Arrangements and processes
Service Content

Service contains five different content

·Each week you will have a float session on a variety of topics, ultimately totalling four floats.

·You will be provided with meditation practices for 21 days, and also be able to use various devices to track and enhance your performance.

·ZenFlo provides a detailed, personalized program for each individual, which also allows you to attend our meditation courses and salons.

·ZenFlo provides complimentary high-quality supplements for your cognitive enhancement.

·You can join our ZenFlo community and interact with likeminded people. All our members will have the opportunity to provide you support, and also ZenFlo is available should you want to communicate. To this end, your feedback is always welcomed.

Experience process

Experience contains four processes

·Arrive at the Center to Float---Practice at Home---Professional Guidance---Community

·Duration: 21 Days.

·Four Float Sessions in total, once per week.

·You only need to come 4 times to the Float Center. For the rest of the daily trainings, you can practice the program anywhere, anytime during your day.

21-Day Mindfulness Journey The benefits of floating
Experience Effortless Meditation
Body/Benefits body
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    Floating provides Muscle tension relief and whole body relaxation. For chronic pain, floating can release pain and help recovery of your body.

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    Floating in magnesium sulfate-enriched water has a positive moisturizing effect on the skin and hair.

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    For People who experience severe, daily anxiety or insomnia, floating can greatly reduce symptoms and soothe the nerves, which also helps to improve sleep quality.

Mind/benefits MIND
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    This unique setting is an exceptional way to reboot your human biocomputer, reconnect you with your body, awakeyour mind’s default settings, and change your mental model.

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    Floating guides you to a deeper self and releases your blocked energy and unlocks the creation of your greater potential.

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    Meditation practice helps you reduce the interferences from our society and leads you toward finding your deeper true self.

Performance/Benefits Performance
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    Floating reduces feelings of anxiety, releases stresses from work and life, and creates inner peace.

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    Floating improves focus, activates internal creativity, makes your work life more efficient, and improves mental clarity.

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    Through guided floating, you gain the opportunity to learn the benefits of mindfulness and cultivate the ability to make better choices about your emotional thoughts.


More importantly, the aim of 21-Day Mindfulness Journey is to help people correct their body posture and their mental model -- as a lifelong habit. More and more people are presently learning mindfulness and applying this mindfulness mindset into their daily life and work. Through this they are training themselves to better have the ability to live in the present moment and access greater happiness.

The feelings of mindfulness floaters

  • “I think it's one of the most incredible pieces of equipment for self-help and introspective thought that you could ever find.”

    Joe Rogan(American stand-up comedian)
  • “The best way to capture moments is to pay attention. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means being awake. It means knowing what you are doing.”

    Jon Kabat Zinn(Master of mindfulness)
21-Day Mindfulness Journey pricing
Experience Effortless Meditation
21-Day Program (including 4 Floats): RMB 1688 Just want to have a try first? You can choose:
  • Single Float RMB 680
  • Membership private customization
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Address:11 Fengfu Hutong Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Phone:+86 153 1306 5117 \ +(010)6528 6833

Experience Effortless Meditation
1. Who should float and join this program?

·People who are stressed, overworked, overwhelmed, or exhausted.

·People who are willing to develop their capacity to nurture a deeper sense of wellbeing and emotional balance.

·Artists, musicians, programmers, and other creative types looking for inner breakthroughs.

·People with chronic pain, injury, or illness.

·People battling depression or PTSD.

·Pregnant women looking to experience relief from their added weight.

2. What do I need to bring?

Nothing! Just yourself and being an open mind for a one-hour float.

·Upon arrival, guests will be checked in, briefed about the float session, and given a tour of the facility Center. Following the tour guests will be escorted to the private room, for changing, showering and floating.

·Everyone is required to shower both before and after the Flotation. Guests are provided natural products shampoo, conditioner, body wash, makeup remover, and moisturizers.

·Following your session, you can enjoy a cup of tea//coffee/smoothie and, take a rest in our Zenflo Himalayan salt cave.

3. What if it is hard to quiet my thoughts?

This may happen. The mind is strong and has a mind of its own and doesn’t always want to give up control. Depriving us of all our other senses allows us to directly experience our minds at work, as well as its constant chatter, judgments, and old stories that keep us from accessing our deeper, purer, wiser self.

4. What if I'm claustrophobic or fear of water?

People with claustrophobia or fear of water consistently report no problems with floating after a few minutes of orientation. There aren’t any latches in the flotation tanks, and you can leave the door open or get out at any time. You can also turn on and off the lights in the flotation tank from the inside. You are in control of these options.

5. Can I drown if I fall asleep?

Absolutely not. Some people do fall asleep while floating, but the water is only 25cm deep and extremely buoyant, such that you will stay afloat.

6. How are the pods kept clean?

Between each float, the water is filtered multiple times through a 5-micron filter and treated with UV light and ozone.

7. Can I bring a friend?

For sure! We have two Flotation pods at ZenFlo.

Floating therapy is suitable for anyone
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ZenFlo is a research-based mindfulness center with neuroscience and bio-hacking technologies that can help navigate one’s personal sense of well being in the midst of the challenges of our modern society.

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