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Awaken your life's source of wisdom 2018.07.21

Thoughts become Words… Words become Deeds … Deeds become Habits … Habits become Character … Character becomes Destiny …

Looking for Enlightenment? 2018.02.10

One is the founding chair of the first and one of the largest social investment funds. One is a producer who went to NYU Tisch film school. For friends who want to know ZENFLO's founding story, just start with this Forbes article.

Fashionable Mindfulness Practice 2018.01.30

In January 2018, Ah Zi Rinpoche meditates in the "Zenflo mindfulness center" in Beijing and tests the brain wave status with bio-hacking technologies.

ZenFlo is a research-based mindfulness center with neuroscience and bio-hacking technologies that can help navigate one’s personal sense of well being in the midst of the challenges of our modern society.

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  • Tuesday to Sunday 10am - 10pm

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