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Experience Effortless Meditation

ZenFlo - Transcend The Narratives

Flotation Therapy

Flotation therapy is a fast growing phenomenon that promotes and accelerates a feeling wellbeing.    

In the ZenFlo pod, you float efflortlessly in a water with concentrated epsom salts-magnesium sulphate that is known to physically induce relaxation.  In the pod , you lose the pull of gravity, you don’t feel anything as the water is at skin temperature, you don’t see anything as it is dark, and you don’t hear anything as your ears are below the water.  This sensory deprivation allows you to get in touch with a deeper you behind your thoughts, the you behind your mind chatter and promotes a relaxation you may not have experienced before. 

Float Effortlessly

Isolated, private and safe environment to detox; 

A zero gravity experience, without the sensory input of physical feel, sound, or light, leaving you to have an experience and to touch your deeper self; 

Magnesium sulphate (the salts in the tank) provides cleansing, relaxing effect and promotes cell metabolism and skin vitality;

Let go of the accumulated body-mind stress and illness, reset all the senses, reawakening a deeper awareness and experience a different you as neurotransmitters like endorphins are released to do their natural healing of the brain.

Sessions last about one hour.

The benefits

The benefits are very much personal:


Overall well-being- elevates dopamine and endorphins 


Stress relief-Lowers cortisol  (the fight or flight hormone)


Pain Relief


Lowers blood pressure and heart rate


Fasttrack to meditation by stimulating theta brain waves


Induces creative thinking and Improves mental clarity


Improve sleep (insomnia, jet lag)


Improves athletic performance and recovery


Addictive/negative behavior modification

ZenFlo is a research-based mindfulness center with neuroscience and bio-hacking technologies that can help navigate one’s personal sense of well being in the midst of the challenges of our modern society.

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