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2018.12.03Founder's speech——The second China floating conference
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The second China congress on floatation therapy2018, hosted by the floatation therapy branch of the Chinese association oftraditional Chinese medicine information research, was launched on November 24,2018, solstice on November 25, 2018, at Beijing ChunHuiYuan internationalconference center.

This conference focuson the Chinese government's major strategy of innovative development ofpsychological industry in the new era, and take the promotion of psychologicaltechnology such as floating therapy as an opportunity to open up a newdevelopment mode and innovative road for Chinese psychological industry. Includingseveral countries and regions worldwide famous psychology, experts andscholars, business leaders, Theydiscussed it together about floating therapy, health services center.at the same time offers workshop, such as for the academic, business, healthcare system of production, study and research, with smooth communicationplatform.

Dr. WayneSilby, co-founder of the center, was invited to give a speech on brain scienceand levitation. He is a senior practitioner of floatation therapy. He has beenengaged in floatation therapy for more than 30 years.

The following is a review of Dr. WayneSilvy's excellent speech:


We'relooking at some of the technologies of consciousness and brain technology, andwe're trying to use the mindfulness high-tech of the brain to speed up the floatationeffect.

Forexample, our newest generation of floating tank, We believe it is a tool thatcan be used to help people achieve mindfulness.

So what ismindfulness? Why is mindfulness so important?

We believe thatmindfulness as the ability to take control of our thoughts and make moreconscious decisions. Some people suggest that the development of science andtechnology in the next 20 to 30 years needs the improvement of our entire humanideology to control the rapid innovation of science and technology and create abetter future. What we're looking at now is what tools and technologies we canuse to better prepare us for the challenges ahead. Float tank is such tool thatcan help train our brains to make better decisions.

When clientscome to ZenFLO,we give him an ideological evaluation. Everyone hasdifferent needs. Some people are anxious, some feel depressed and some areunder high pressure. For example, Muse is a brainwave headband, which can helpshow quantized brainwave state, so that you can practice entering meditationstate according to physiological feedback mechanism.

And after that,we train people to let them know they are in control of their state of mind. Wewill use some photobiomodulation technology, which can make your brain redblood cells produce more oxygen and produce a substance called ATP, which canprovide you with more energy.

When the guestsare very anxious and nervous, we will also use ultrasonic equipment on the partof their vagus nerve to help them relax.

We thinkthat the combination of float tank and some physiological feedback exercises isan effective way to help reshape the brain. Therefore, before floating, we willask guests to use some brain remodeling devices to help them maintain a focusedand relaxed state and enter the floating state. For example, transcranialmagnetic stimulation devices can help us improve the connections betweenneurons in the brain. Another device that we carry around in the braingradually introduces you to relaxation by stimulating the left and right brainat different frequencies.


also, westudied the use of meditative guidance in the tank to reinforce the floatingeffect. Our tank has the function of sound and light, and the technology ofphysiological feedback can help people train their brains while floating.

In thefuture, we hope to combine VR technology with floating technology to fullypresent the space perspective in the float tank through 360-degree satellitecamera technology.

    whatwe really want to do is promote levitation, and specifically the role oflevitation in the exploration of the human interior, as a therapy that canreduce anxiety and reduce medical costs; To make the people happier and thecountry happier. Therefore, how to use floating therapy to help modern peopleachieve a higher state of physical and mental health is our common direction.


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