2018.01.30Fashionable Mindfulness Practice
Experience Effortless Meditation

Ah Zi Rinpoche

The founder of the Beijing charity foundation. Advocating mindfulness and refinement, is committed to solving the puzzlement and helping people grow up for modern people. Focusing on the psychological characteristics of modern people, especially those working in the workplace, the public welfare course system of mindfulness meditation was set up in 2014 to alleviate and solve the worries of people in life and work, and actively explore how mindfulness meets the needs of contemporary Chinese people.

On the winter afternoon of January 17, 2018, in Beijing, ah zi rinpoche came to the "Zenflo floating road" located in the hutongs of the city center to experience the latest brain technology products about mindfulness meditation, and talked with Zenflo founder Qing Chen about how to help contemporary people better practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness originated from the "Eight Truths" of Buddhism, derived from the ancient meditation of Buddhism, emphasizing conscious, non-critical awareness of the present. In the modern society with rapid economic development, more and more people are beginning to contact and understand mindfulness. In recent years, mindfulness has also become one of the most popular words in western psychology. From a psychological point of view, mindfulness is a psychological state related to attention and awareness. Besides, mindfulness is also embodied in many religious and spiritual systems.

With the wide spread of Tibetan Buddhism in the West in the last century, many medical, neurological, psychological and technological experts began to apply meditation methods to people's daily life. However, mindfulness does not involve religion, nor is it equivalent to meditation meditation. The essential difference between mindfulness and the two is that religion relies on external powers, and mindfulness relies on its own strength. Meditation advocates sitting, watching and breathing, and mindfulness can be practiced anytime, anywhere. "Mindfulness can be done at any time, and very fast." Ah, Rinpoche said, "mindfulness is actually a change in cognition."

Zenflo combines mindfulness ideas and methods with floating to help the experiencer achieve complete peace and tranquility through buoyancy.The floating cabin is a semi-enclosed dark space, and people can also choose lighting and music to help adapt to the darkness.Inside is the right amount of pure water and Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) composition of the body temperature of the liquid environment.In this high-concentration solution, a person can remain afloat effortlessly, blending into the surrounding environment.This feeling of weightlessness helps people to relax deeply and become aware of their bodies so they can better live in the moment.

ZenFlo is a research-based mindfulness center with neuroscience and bio-hacking technologies that can help navigate one’s personal sense of well being in the midst of the challenges of our modern society.

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